TMC Benefits

eGlobalfares assists Travel Management Companies by immediately increasing the value to their clients, derailing the perception that they are not searching everywhere possible to find them the best fares and improves bottom line profitability – all at the same time!

  • Access market specific private fares– significant revenue enhancement potential
  • Access market specific published fares– take advantage of a local point of sale and added revenues from fees and potential mark-ups
  • Ability to globally manage corporate accounts without the expense of investing in brick and mortar office(s) ,with diverse POS access – create a closed network
  • Integrated display of all fare options – customized to your agency needs
  • Manage and direct business without redundant PNR entries
  • Access world-wide Low Cost Carriers/web fares for availability, pricing and ticketing
  • Access world-wide specialty fares (like Marine/ Off-shore, Missionary)
  • Automated PNR creation from existing GDS stored profiles
  • Easy roll-out to front line agents with minimal training
  • Customized branding for your agency
  • Agents see their local currency, fare equivalent with each search.
  • Fare rules are shown with a click of the mouse
  • Emergency After-Hours coverage for most suppliers
  • Live 24/7 PNR access and management with GDS emulator with translator
  • Multiple GDS certified application
  • All reservations are made in the PCC/OID of the supplier of the content
  • Automated email notification of status code and/or airline SSR remarks no matter where the reservation lives (reviewed twice daily)
  • Access to PNRs for “after-hours” service
  • Integration with existing mid and back-office accounting, reporting, quality control and security systems
  • Enhanced reporting

B2B and B2C Solutions

Have a desire to sell your content to sub-agents or consumers?

Have non-GDS trained in-house or hosted agents that you want to buy from you?

Need an API to link your content through your web portal?

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