Rodrigo Vazquez – Esferatur, Brazil

“As users of eGlobalfares, our opinion could not be more positive. Besides possessing functional and intuitive interface, the tool enables the search for the best rates in many countries of origin, facilitating personalized service.

Fast, agile, functional: eGlobalfares offers the best infrastructure has to ensure we offer the best market conditions, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and it integrates with our existing mid and back office systems.”

Eric Ritter, President – Pret a Partir, France

“It is now 2 years that we began to work with eglobalfares and the result is very positive. eGlobalfares really helps us to provide our customers with very competitive fares including their country of departure.

I am also impressed by the outstanding quality of service from the eGlobalfares team who is always available to help, guide and assist us. It is a great partnership and product”

Matt Cummings, Chief Financial & Operating Officer – Travizon, Massachusetts, USA

“Travizon has been an eGlobalfares user for quite a while and have seen product enhancements constantly.  Our ability to handle global customers is greatly enhanced by participation.  Our agents can speak intelligently at point of sale in assuring travel reservations are being priced not only in North America, but in other global markets as well.  We can both save customers money, measurable dollars and/or increase company revenue as well.  The more markets we have available, by participation by all partners, the better the product and resources available to all.

The service is easy to set-up and rather intuitive so there is not a huge training commitment.  I can attest to the continuing use of eGlobalfares week in and week out.”

Jeremy Bull, Chairman – Hillgate Travel, UK

“eGlobalfares enables agents to have a worldwide data base of fares at their fingertips and the ability to offer their clients best available fares with more choices pertinent to their origin and destination(s) which helps us best serve our clients and retain their business and trust. The flexibility of the product, fantastic back end support and the knowledge that we are working with likeminded partners enables us to book with confidence and know our customers tickets will be given the same amount of time/respect as if we had booked them locally.

There is little or no training required when using eGlobalfares as it is just like booking online but the real selling point is the ability to change the booking once it is held using the emulator tool which translates our regular Sabre commands into the local commands of whichever GDS the bookings has been made in. We at Hillgate use eglobalfares every day to check that we are giving the best possible airfare no matter where in the world the ticket is being issued. We recently expanded our business with a multi-national account, in part because we could offer to have the TMC’s that service them on one platform to insure a standard of service that could not be provided elsewhere. Our ability to collaborate and service clients in diverse parts of the globe 24/7/365 is a huge advantage for us and our clients. eGlobalfares helps us further differentiate ourselves from the competition. ”

Kathryn Lawrie, Manager Product and Yield –TravelEdge, Australia

“TravelEdge have enjoyed a successful 2 year relationship with eGlobalfares. Since implementing their platform, eGlobalfares have opened our ability to seamlessly collaborate on our clients behalf which is beneficial for us and our clients.

The eGlobalfares software is easy to use throughout our organisation.  And the relationship through our global network is supportive, professional and encouraging confidence in our partners.  This is truly achieved by the transparency of the eGlobalfares software specifically in being able to manage  live PNR’s regardless of what GDS due to the GDS translator.”