eGlobalfares Key Features, Options & Advantages

  • Global, International fares portal
  • Multi-GDS functionality and integration (Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Sabre/Abacus, Worldspan)
  • Low Cost Carrier / Web fares, schedules, booking capability and GDS integration
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Corporate travel focused and leisure travel applicable
  • White labeled product
  • Custom configured to the agency (down to the individual agent level)
  • Rules and filters of fare sources and content configured to agency specifications
  • Deployed on agent desktops and rate desks
  • Designed to easily facilitate global fare searches, reservations and fulfillment of private fares (net), Published fares and Foreign point-of-sale (published and private) fares
  • Allows an agent to compare in one place at one time side-by-side – corporate specific negotiated fares with global content of Published, Private and LCC/web fares and Specialty fares (where applicable) Provides opportunity to engage in a broader, global market to best service your multi-national clients
  • Ease of integration of the fare content and reservations into current agency work flows
  • Use existing GDS housed client profiles in reservation creation
  • Ability to integrate an agency’s existing QC, Accounting, reporting and security systems
  • Automated creation of Passive or Informational PNR in agents home PCC/OID
  • All reservations booked on eGlobalfares are viewable and managed on the portal
  • Full 24/7/365 PNR access and update capacity on the portal emulator
  • Searches are made in and stay in the GDS of the agency or the supplier
  • Agencies can manage their fare mark-ups in specific amounts, percentage amounts, fare-savings (comparison to published/corporate fares on the same carrier) or a combination of these rules
  • Ability for an agency(s) to work together on shared accounts in an automated 24/7/365 fashion
  • Supplier drives the tickets, exchanges, voids, revalidations and refunds.
  • Automated, pro-active notification to the booking agent of flight status code (schedule) changes and airline SSR messages via email to the booking agent, no matter what PCC/OID the live reservation resides
  • Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) updating facility
  • “Payment Gateway” facility allows for guaranteed payment amount of foreign tickets in your local currency. This provides comfort in the rate quoted and no bank international wire fees for a wide range of countries
  • eGlobalfares product can be offered to non-GDS trained agents to book within their agency and on the system in general
  • Can be used as a B2B tool to sell your content to hosted agents or sub-agents, independent contractors or even the consumer
  • Agencies in over 70 countries use eGlobalfares
  • More enhancements and features constantly being added!

FX Online Payment Gateway

There are many challenges when buying a foreign point-of-sale fare with regards to exchange rates, knowing your “all-in” costs including bank fees. Today an agent can look up the overseas rate and convert it in the GDS to calculate the home currency value – in reality this exchange can be very misleading as it does not include exchange fees and bank charges. Credit card payments can also be a problem as the exchange rate can change significantly between the purchase date and the credit card statement cycle. That is why eGlobalfares has worked with AFEX (Associated Foreign Exchange) to offer our “Payment Gateway” facility, to simplify these transactions and save you time and money and provide peace of mind.

eGlobalfares provides a guaranteed cash purchase price in your home currency at the point of booking and ticketing. Payment Gateway then allows you to make a domestic payment (in38+ currencies) as opposed to a foreign wire making the payment process much more cost efficient.

In Summary; you know exactly what your local cost is before you buy and dramatically reduce bank imposed fees you normally incur.

In addition to our Payment Gateway facility, we can also offer eGlobalfares subscribers other AFEX (Associated Foreign Exchange) for your other foreign exchange requirements.


The new eGlobalfares Emergency After-Hours Service called “eGlobal24” powered by Travel Helpline/ Agent24 provides Agencies selling tickets the ability to offer this critical service and have the costs covered by the agency calling in. The Agencies buying tickets will have the peace of mind that they can get ticketing and reservation assistance from their trusted supplier 24/7/365 no matter where in the world they are located at a low per call cost of $20.00 USD per call, plus minimal transaction fees, where applicable. This service is designed for the agents within the agency to use it and NOT for the actual traveler. However, if suppliers and/or agencies would like to make these services available beyond the eGlobalfares portal made reservations, we will be glad to have an agent24 representative contact you.

To obtain your application to enroll as an agency User and/or Agency ticket Supplier please click the appropriate links:

Buyer Application

Supplier Application


We are pleased to announce that we have built the system in such a way that we can easily provide a wide variety of language fronts to the portal as configured for you. Let us know what language(s) you need and we will gladly work to provide it for you.

We already have Canadian French, English, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.  We can add what you need in a matter of days.